Bellmann Prof. Dr. Lutz Bellmann
Chair of Economics
Labour Economics
Research: Labour market economics, in particular questions of wage structures and employment dynamics, vocational education and training and further training, and the employment of older employees.


Buettner Prof. Dr. Thiess Büttner (Director)
Chair of Economics
Public Finance
Research: Empirical economic research, corporate taxation, tax competition, fiscal federalism, fiscal politics.


Businessfotografie und Karrierefotografie Prof. Dr. Britta Gehrke
Assistant Professor for Macroeconomics and Labor Market Research
Research: Applied macroeconomics and macroeconometrics with a focus on labor markets.


grimm Prof. Dr. Veronika Grimm
Chair of Economics
Economic Theory
Research: Applied game theory, mechanism design, industrial organization, auction theory, market design, experimental economics, behavioural economics, energy markets.


Klein_12 Prof. Dr. Ingo Klein
Chair of Statistics and Econometrics
Research: Theory of measurement and statistics, copulas with their applications in finance and marketing, inspection of robustness of statistical procedures and software reliability.


Prof. Dr. Frauke Liers
Professor for Discrete Optimization in Engineering
Research: Combinatorial and mixed-integer linear and non-linear optimization, optimization under uncertainty, especially robust optimization.


Martin_s Prof. Dr. Alexander Martin
Chair of Economics, Discrete Optimization, Mathmatics
Research: Mixed integer linear and nonlinear optimization and data analytics with applications in transport and logistics, energy management, and supply chain services.


Merkl_s Prof. Dr. Christian Merkl
Chair of Economics
Research: Macroeconomics (especially monetary and fiscal politics), macroeconomic analysis of labor markets and the intersection of both fields.


Rincke_3 Prof. Dr. Johannes Rincke
Chair of Economics
Economic Policy
Research: Financial economics, urban economics, political economics, law and economics.


riphahn Prof. Regina T. Riphahn, Ph.D.
Chair of Statistics and Empirical Economic Research
Research: Research of the chair focuses on empirical education, labor market, personell, social policy as well as health economics.


schnabel Prof. Dr. Claus Schnabel
Chair of Economics
Labour Market and Regional Policy
Research: Work councils and employer’s associations, wage policy, employee participation, Lohnbildung, wage differentials, labor market effects, labor law, monopsonies and entrepreneurship.


Gesine Stephan Prof. Dr. Gesine Stephan
Chair of Economics
Empirical Microeconomics
Research: Applied micro-econometric labor market research, evaluation of labor market programs, justice perceptions, field experiments.


Tauchmann Prof. Dr. Harald Tauchmann
Professor for Health Economics
Research: Health insurance choice and competition, economics of drug consumption, health care efficiency and incentives for health-conscious behavior.


Utikal Prof. Dr. Verena Utikal
Assistant Professor for Behavioral Economics
Research: Experimental and behavioral Economics, social preferences, moral behavior.


???????????????????????????????????? Prof. Dr. Matthias Wrede
Chair of Economics
Social Politics
Research: Social policy and public finance; linking social security, especially pension and health insurance, with demographic change; connection between family relation, social policy and labor markets.


Zoettl_2 Prof. Dr. Gregor Zöttl
Professor of Economics
Industrial Organization and Energy Markets
Research: Applied microeconomics, industrial economics with focus on partially regulated industries, environment and resource economics. One emphasis is put on energy markets.