Nuremberg Research Seminar in Economics on 12 July 2023 – LG 0.423

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You are invited to join the weekly Nuremberg Research Seminar in Economics on  12 July 2023, from 13.15 to 14.45 pm. The seminar will be held in room LG 0.423. Thomas Schober (Auckland University of Technology) will be talking about „Effects of literacy and numeracy programmes – empirical evidence from New Zealand”.

More information can be found here:

Having a basic level of proficiency in reading and mathematics is widely seen as a key factor to fully participate in modern societies. In many developed countries, therefore, there are policies to raise the literacy and numeracy skills of adults, enable further learning and increase the employability of participants. In this context, we evaluate literacy and numeracy programmes for adults in New Zealand. Using population-wide administrative data, we document changes in measured skills and estimate programme effects by comparing outcomes of participants to a matched control group of non-participants. We analyse employment and earnings derived from income tax data, and work-related injuries using accident compensation claims.