The Institute for Economics (IWF) coordinates the Doctorate Program in Economics. It includes advanced courses in the research areas of the faculty and it cooperates with the following specialized graduate programs:

  • The Bavarian Graduate Program in Economics (BGPE) is a doctoral program available to doctoral students of economics at Bavarian universities. The program offers courses, workshops, and advice by the best scientists in the field. Core courses in micro- and macroeconomics as well as in econometrics are offered every year. In addition, the program organizes field courses on varying topics. BGPE courses are accepted for the IWF doctoral program requirements. Excellent doctoral students can earn the status of a “BGPE Doctoral Student” with various benefits. For details and the current schedule see
  • The joint Graduate Program (GradAB) of the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) and the School of Business and Economics of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) supports promising doctoral students in the field of labor market research. Every year up to 6 scholarships are handed out in on a competitive basis. Doctoral students at FAU can attend selected courses offered by the program. For details on the program see
  • The international graduate program Evidence Based Economics (EBE) is a joint initiative with the University of Munich (LMU) and the University of Regensburg. It focuses on empirical research using new tools to identify causal effects. These tools include laboratory experiments, (quasi-)natural and field experiments, as well as sophisticated identification strategies in field studies. The graduate program introduces students to several important applications of the EBE paradigm in public policy and private firms, among them three research areas in which the members of the core faculty conduct their own research. For details see

PhD students present their research in various Brown-Bag-Seminars as well as in the  IWF Doctoral Seminar, which is a joint event where PhD students present their Job Market papers. The general PhD Regulations of FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg can be found here.

General information about your doctoral project at the WiSo can be found here. Contact Persons are Gabriele Mühlöder and Naemi Wagner.