Seminar Series “Macroeconomics and Labor Markets”

The Chairs of Macroeconomics (Christian Merkl) and Global Governance (Christoph Moser) at FAU and the Macroeconomic domain at IAB co-organize a joint seminar series at the intersection of macroeconomics, trade and labor economics. The seminar typically takes place on Tuesdays at 1200 or 1400 pm (German time). A preliminary schedule can be found below. Zoom login information will be distributed by e-mail. If you are a researcher and you are interested to join the talks, please send an e-mail to


Preliminary Schedule for the Winter Term 2021/2022:


9 November 2021 (2 pm)


Andreas Müller (University of Texas at Austin)


23 November 2021 (2 pm)


Philipp Kircher (Cornell University)


7 December 2021 (2 pm)



Jason Faberman (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)


21 December 2021 (noon)



Mario Bossler (IAB)

“Labor Demand on a Tight Leash”

18 January 2022 (2 pm)



Simon Jäger (MIT)


1 February 2022 (2:15 pm)



Johannes Schmieder (Boston University)